Visiting CAMHS for the first time

Before you visit us

Before you visit us, have a chat with your mum, dad, or carer about your first visit to CAMHS, so that you can have a think about any questions you might like to ask, or things you want to talk about.  The CAMHS Ready website lets you build a checklist of things you might want to talk about in your first meeting, to help you remember them.

Haringey CAMHS Waiting Room - Burgoyne Road

Arriving at CAMHS

When you come to CAMHS for the first time, the first person you will meet is our receptionist. They will book you in, show you where to wait for your appointment, and then let the person you have come to meet know that you have arrived. You might sit in our waiting room for a short while – so bring a toy, game or book if you’d like. Don’t worry though; we won’t keep you waiting too long! We will then invite you into one of our private rooms and your mum, dad or carer will be able to come with you.

Haringey CAMHS Waiting Room - Books

During your first CAMHS appointment

Children come to CAMHS for all sorts of different reasons, so the first time you visit us we will want to get to know you, and find out what life’s been like for you. We might ask you about home life, school, friends, and the kind of things you like doing, and any challenges or problems. Remember that you can ask questions too. We’ll then try and agree what will happen next, and the type of help that might be best for you and your family.



 We will keep what you say to us private unless we believe there may be a risk of harm to yourself or others, in which case we will speak to somebody who can help (e.g. family, school).

We will encourage you to talk to your family about coming to see us, however we will respect your right not to share some things.

How long do we keep your information?

The law requires us to keep your records for 25 years from the date we last saw you.

How are we doing ?

We like to know how your experience in CAMHS is going and welcome your feedback.  We hope you are pleased with the service you receive from us.  If you would like to raise a concern you can talk to your clinician, or telephone/email the patient experience team, who will try and sort out the problem. or 020 8702 4700

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