Shanil Taylor awarded Enfield Intern 2019

Date: 10 December 2019

Congratulations to Shanil Taylor who has been awarded Enfield Intern 2019.

Shanil, who is employed in the Enfield Community Children’s Cedar Support Hub working as part of an integrated service, has been on an Internal Internship programme with a local education provider – West Lea Consortium.

The Consortium works in collaboration with Enfield Children Services to provide work placements as part of the national government strategy to get more young people with special educational needs into paid employment.

The programme provides support for both the Intern and the current staff to ensure that the placement goes smoothly. It gives an opportunity for us to diversify our workforce, which has been proven to improve morale and productivity and increase staff retention, as well as allow us to better reflect the communities that we work with and be part of an innovative new programme.

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