Haringey CAMHS

Haringey CAMHS is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the London Borough of Haringey, providing multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of children and young people with mental health or severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Haringey CAMHS is an NHS service consisting of five teams which work closely together, with all referrals to Haringey CAMHS coming through a service called CAMHS Access. Find out more about making a referral.

The Haringey CAMHS manager is Simon Gosling.

Haringey CAMHS includes the following teams and services:

Haringey CHOICES

Haringey CHOICES provides one hour face-to-face meetings with children, young people and their families in convenient community based locations. In these appointments, a member of the CHOICES team helps individuals and families with emotional wellbeing concerns identify what help is available to them in Haringey. This could include providing information, advice and/or signposting to other local organisations.

CHOICES can help if you have concerns about: feeling low in mood, panic, anger issues, behavioural problems, problems making or keeping friends, bullying, self-harm, sleeping problems, eating problems, worries about weight, obsessions (OCD), difficulties sitting still or concentrating, wanting to talk about a traumatic event or events, family problems and other worries too.

To make a direct referral to CHOICES, contact: 020 8702 3405.

CAMHS Generic Team (including CAMHS Access)

CAMHS Access provides a central point of referral for professionals to refer young people with mental health concerns. These referrals may then be discussed with the young person, their family, or the referrer in order for the Access team to gather all the relevant information and send the referral to the most appropriate team as quickly as possible, or for signposting for other support in the borough.

Generic CAMHS provides support to children and young people aged 0-18 years and their families for a range of mental health problems. The service offers a range of individual, family and group based interventions. These services are provided by Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (with clinics based at St Ann’s Hospital and Burgoyne Road clinic, and in community locations) and by Tavistock clinic and Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Adolescent Outreach Team (AOT)

The AOT are a multi-disciplinary, community-based, outreach service working with young people aged 12-18, where there are marked concerns about the mental health and emotional well-being. The AOT is an emergency response service and work with young people presenting with serious mental health needs such as severe depression, repeated deliberate self-harm and attempted suicide. The service is also part of the Early Intervention Service (EIS) pathway for young people where there may be concerns about possible psychosis or other more enduring mental health concerns. The AOT also provides Self Harm (SH) assessments at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust (NMUH).

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service - Learning Disability (CAMHS-LD)

Haringey CAMHS-LD is a multidisciplinary team that works with children, young people and their families/carers where there are significant mental health, behavioural and emotional problems.

They work closely with other children’s services (schools, social care, youth centres, youth offending and safeguarding teams and community groups) providing care and support to children and young people.

It offers assessments of children and young people’s mental health, behavioural and emotional wellbeing needs and a range of treatments, from medication prescribing and monitoring to therapeutic support and counselling provided by a group of professionals, such as child psychotherapists, family therapists and clinical psychologists.

Consultation, advice and support to professionals from a wide range of childrens services, parents and carers are available and specialist teams provide assessment, support and treatment to children and young people with combined mental health problems and learning disability.

Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service (HEWS)

Commissioned by certain schools, the Youth Offending Service and Edge of Care team, also including CAMHS in GP surgeries pilot project. 

This is an early intervention service commissioned to work in some GP surgeries, and schools to provide short term interventions, consultation, advice and training to professionals in these settings.

Service User Questionnaire

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