Barnet CAMHS

The Barnet CYPS manager is Sabrina Pillay

Barnet CYPS includes the following teams and services:

Children and Young People Services (CYPS) Access and Generic Team (East and West Barnet)

The CYPS access team provides a central point of referral for professionals to refer young people with mental health concerns. These referrals may then be discussed with the young person, their family, or the referrer so that the access team to gather all the relevant information and send the referral to the most appropriate team as quickly as possible, or for signposting for other support in the borough.  

Generic CYPS provides assessment, treatment and support to children and young people aged 0-18 years and their families for a range of mental health, behavioural and emotional well-being needs. The service offers a range of individual, family and group-based interventions. There are two Generic CYPS teams within Barnet (East and West). 

These services are provided by Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (with clinics based at): 

Address: Holly Oak, Edgware Community Hospital, Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware HA8 0AD.  

Address: Oak Lane Children’s Centre, Oak Lane, N2 8LT  

Tel:020 8702 4500 

Paediatric Liaison

The paediatric liaison team provide specialist mental health provision and consultation for young people and families who are in-patients or out-patients under the care of the paediatric and neonatal services at Barnet Hospital.  

Focus is on improving identification, engagement and providing early, brief and some longer-term interventions to reduce the high levels of psychiatric morbidity in young people with long-term physical illnesses, life threatening medical conditions and in those with medical unexplained symptoms. The team also provide support for staff and families in the case of child deaths, early parent work and support in neonatal units where babies have extreme prematurity or complex medical problems. Paediatric Liaison team run parent groups on neonatal units and have a diabetes service, providing input within multidisciplinary clinics; meetings and 1:1 work with this client group.  

The team provide induction and training for paediatrics around paediatric mental health topics, consultation to the paediatric and neonatal units around complex cases, and act as a liaison between CYPS and the hospital. The team regularly provide liaison input to enhance the safe care, assessment and follow up of young people with self-harm who present to A&E and the ward. We provide clinical presence and consultation at all three weekly psychosocial meetings on the ward and in A&E. 

Barnet Adolescent Service (BAS)

Barnet Adolescent Service (BAS) are a specialist team working with young people between the ages of 13 and 17 facing complex, severe or chronic mental health issues. Often these young people find it hard to engage with other services and may be at a higher risk, with complex presentations including chronic self-harm and psychosis. BAS consists of a multi-disciplinary team which includes psychiatrists, psychotherapists, Psychologists, family therapists, nurses and adolescence mental health workers. Most of the team's work is based around talking - this may be with the young person or with members of their family, and/or in a group. Some young people may be offered medication after a psychiatric assessment. 

Tel:020 8702 4500 

Address: Holly Oak, Edgware Community Hospital, Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware HA8 0AD.  

Service for Children and Adolescents with Neurodevelopmental disorders (SCAN)

SCAN is a multidisciplinary team (consisting of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Child Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Counselling Psychology, Nursing) providing a full provision to children and adolescents with moderate to severe neurodevelopmental difficulties and comorbid mental health problems. Referrals are accepted when mental health problems are identified in accordance with the children and young peoples service (CYPS) referral criteria and when the child or adolescent attends one of the special schools in Barnet.  

Under particular circumstances referrals are also accepted from special educational units within mainstream education. SCAN clients have chronic and life-long difficulties and will often be re-referred through childhood, or they require long term monitoring of medication, as their difficulties are generally linked to their disabilities. Most patients receive a general initial assessment, although some may require complex specialist diagnostic assessments involving several clinicians and other services (such as a Paediatrician, for example). A range of short or long term treatments are offered.  

However, all assessment and treatment work are increased in complexity due to the comorbid neurodevelopmental difficulties and mental health problems, requiring more resources to assess, diagnose, treat and liaise with the many professionals involved with the client and their family. A great deal of anxiety and risk surround our client group and the team has to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to safely support families in need. SCAN offer consultation and joint assessments to other CYPS team in Barnet and foster good links with the special schools, Children with Disabilities Service, the voluntary sector and the community paediatricians. Alongside this assessment and treatment we offer support to parents who are frequently suffering from the stress and low mood that can come with parenting a child with a mental health problem and a major disability. 

Tel:020 8702 4500 

Address: Holly Oak, Edgware Community Hospital, Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware HA8 0A 

Barnet Children and Young People's Service (CYPS) in Specialist Schools

A team of Child and Adolescent Mental Health professionals support young people in Barnet’s Specialist schools (Pavillion, Meadway and Oak Hill Campus).  

Learning Disability/Autistic Spectrum Disorder (LD/ASD) Keyworker Service

The Learning Disability/Autistic Spectrum Disorder (LD/ASD) Keyworker Service forms part of the North Central London commitment to ensure that children/young people with Learning Disabilities and/or who are Autistic, with behaviours of concern and complex mental health needs, will have increased access to enhanced support and care, including intensive support/crisis services.

Currently all referrals to the service come through the Dynamic Support Register for the borough in which the young person resides. If you would like to discuss a referral, please refer to the team email address.  

The Keyworker Service works with children and young people with the most complex needs and their families and carers to make sure families are fully involved in their plans, feel listened to and informed, plans are personalised, and they have the support they need at the right time, in a co-ordinated way.

Keyworking should help families experience a reduction in stress, and uncertainty and an increase instability.

Service Manager: Sinclair Jenkins, available 09.00am - 05.00pm 
Tel: 020 8702 6850
Address: Orchard House, St Ann's Hospital, St Ann's Rd, London N15 3TH

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