Getting help when you need it

There are times when everyone feels upset, anxious or stressed about things, but when these feelings last for a long time you may need some extra help to cope. You or someone you know may be:

  • Feeling anxious and scared
  • Hurting yourself or wanting to hurt yourself
  • Having problems with eating and food
  • Having problems at school or with friends
  • Hearing voices or seeing things
  • Struggling to control your behaviour or temper

While we don’t have a helpline here at CAMHS but there are many services that offer help and support to young people just like you.

Talk to Childline

Contact Childline anytime. Calls are free and confidential

Call: 0800 1111

Tell someone you trust

You may find it helpful to talk to your mum, dad or carer. If this is not possible, you may prefer to talk to someone else you can trust, like a teacher.

Talk to your GP

Your GP may be the first person you talk to about how you are feeling. Your GP may refer you to CAMHS if they feel this will help you.

Make a referral to Haringey CHOICES (If you live in the borough of Haringey)

If you have concerns about your emotional wellbeing and would like to talk to someone – contact CHOICES on 020 8702 3405 between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri or visit their website and complete the online referral form.  They will offer you an appointment where you can meet with a member of the team to discuss your concerns and find out where you can get the help you may need.

Visit NHS GO

The NHS has a new website designed by and for young people that can offer advice on a number of concerns they might be having. You can visit the site here.

Emergency or Urgent Assistance

If you are in need of emergency assistance, call 999 immediately or go to the emergency department at your local hospital.