Haringey CAMHS ADHD Workshop

Haringey CAMHS-Burgoyne clinic ADHD parent workshop – 5th September 2017

The first ADHD parent carer workshop was held on 5th September at Burgoyne road clinic. The workshop was an opportunity to share information and also to set up a focus group to highlight future topics. We had a good attendance of five families and others have registered an interest in future workshops. The families that attended have set up a discussion group on Facebook “London ADHD support group” For many of the parents it was the first time they were able to meet other parents/carers in the same boat. This has started a network of local families that are able to offer support to one another and attend the planning meetings for future workshops in collaboration with the CAMHS team.

We will post information about future ADHD workshops on the website and in our clinics.